Shoutbox Rules

All members are free to use the shoutbox located at the bottom of the board to chat in or ask questions and get fast help with things. However while doing so you are encouraged to remember using the shoutbox is a privilege not a right and access to it can and will be restricted or removed if necessary. Anyone who chooses to post in the shoutbox must adhere to the following rules and guidelines in order to keep discussion friendly, and polite to all members of the forum. If at any point you are found to have broken any of these rules a warning will be issued and you will be temporarily suspended from using the shoutbox, however if more than one incident occurs then you will be banned from using the shoutbox permanently.

So in order to keep our shoutbox polite, courteous, and open to all the following rules must be followed when posting in it:

  • Do not use foul or graphic language in the shoutbox, this can and will offend some people and we do not wish for that to happen.
  • Do not post links to outside forums in the shoutbox, this means no linking to your own forum or others. Please link only to areas within JFH Resources.
  • No advertising. Advertising your forum or others in the shoutbox will lead to being banned from the shoutbox permanently. There are plenty of forums for that please use the appropriate areas to advertise or search for forums.
  • Do not post links to crude, violent, graphics, or pornographic images in the shoutbox or you will be immediately banned from the shoutbox, and it may also result in a ban from the forum.
  • Be respectful of others no flaming, harassing, racism, sexism, etc. should ever be posted in the shoutbox.

Please remember to follow all of these rules when using the shoutbox and participating in conversations within it. Failing to do so may result in a ban from the shoutbox as well as the forum depending on the severity of the offense.

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