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Jul 11 2017, 04:14 AM
Anyway, how's everything and everyone? I picked up here as I have advertised elsewhere so I figured, why not post on the official JCink RPG Resources page too? But anyway, howdy and all that stuff lol.
Jul 11 2017, 04:05 AM
Forum Name: Dark Kingdom
Forum Link: Link
Link to Administrative/Moderator Account: HANNAH
Forum Rating:
Forum Category: Creature>Other/Mixed Creature
Forum Button: (Apologies for the crappy looking graphic.
Forum Blurb: I have taken aspects from various fandoms as well as historical events to create a totally new and unique experience. We have Vampires, who have formed the rumored 'Vampire Mafia' and the Werewolf Packs who work hand in hand with them. There has been some Biblical references taken where Lilith herself is the Original Vampire, her son Cain is the Original Werewolf, and the daughter that Adam never knew about has literally matured in Hell itself, dwelling within the Palace of Lucifer himself who raised her as his own daughter.

But in an unexpected twist, Eve herself is very much around even now. Upon tasting the Apple of Knowledge, she learned about Lilith being the first wife of Adam and that she was merely a replacement for him. Not long after, she watched Abel's body be carted back to their village with a dagger belonging to Cain in his chest, instilling a deep seeded hatred for the murderer of her first born, and Lilith for producing him. But her anger was primarily directed at God for allowing it to happen, and she surrendered herself to Lucifer, who rose personally to collect her and take her back to Hell, where her soul was torn from her previous body and put into a new one then she was turned into the Original Hybrid, serving as the Commander of the select few that survived the process. She became in that moment the Commander of what Lucifer told her was his plan for the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and she suggested they be Hybrids and no others be given the honor of the dual nature of the combined blood.

Since then, she has stalked the Earth, silently watching and following Cain and Lilith's movements while her hatred seethed. But Lucifer told her to control her hate, and so she has obeyed and even has been involved in actually helping them through the years. Now, the strongest of them all have taken over New York City from the shadows, with Lilith bribing many officials to get her way no matter what. Businesses that defy her are merely a lower priority for the NYFD to battle, as are shootings involving those who defy her. But those that are in her good graces are given supreme protection by the Wolf Pack members, as well as having the area part of the NYPD patrol routes. Street gangs were once a blight on the City, but now the Big Apple is almost purged of gang violence, but the core is still rotten.
Other Information: Looking for Staff if interested. Send me a message on Discord at Hannah#3101 if interested or send a PM here if interested.

I have been building the site for just over three months, and are just now comfortable for a hard opening, so we have tons of spots open as we are technically new. Above all, I have one rule. Have fun. If someone is bothering you, come to me and I will take care of them and ask them to ease off and tell them they are hurting other people's feelings with their behavior. We have one clique. Once you register an OOC Account and are sorted properly and commit to the site, you are part of that circle. I have a Discord Channel set up for members to keep in touch, as well as a year of Premium for the board and CBox paid for, but if you want to stay in touch with others off the board, there is our Discord Channel for that reason.
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