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 Directory Submission Information
 Posted: Jun 4 2013, 05:17 PM

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Directory Submission Information

When submitting a directory listing there are a few simple things you need to keep in mind, as well as a short form you need to use. You can add to this form as needed and customize your listing but the basics on it need to be there in order for it to be sorted appropriately.
  • All forums must be hosted on Jcink Forum Hosting. This is a directory exclusive to Jcink. (The only exception to this is Resource Forums.)
  • Resource forums may be hosted on any software as long as they provide Jcink compatible resources and allow Jcink Forum Hosting Forums to be advertised.
  • Forums must be active and have at least three (5) members at the time the listing is posted.
  • Forums must remain active, if you go for over thirty (30) days with no new posts or shouts on your forum then the listing will be moved to the inactive directory listings forum, and you will need to post your listing again once it has become active.
  • All forums must have a rating assigned to them, please note forums exceeding the PG-13 rating need to have Premium Service on them to be listed here.
  • All forums must be listed in the appropriate category, if you are unsure of which category your forum belongs in please PM Crystal with information on the forum and the link for assistance.
  • Forums must be listed by either an Administrator or Moderator on the forum.
  • Forum Listings need to be kept updated by the Administrator or Moderators of the forum, meaning you need to post in the topic once approved updating/bumping it at least once every thirty (30) days.
  • If your submission is denied multiple times for errors, misrepresentation, etc. then the Administrators will set a time period during which you will not be permitted to re-post that submission. After which you may attempt to submit to the directory again.
  • You must use the following form when posting your listing, however you may add to it and customize it as needed.
Directory Listing Submission Form
Please post all submissions in a new topic in this forum, once approved or denied it will be sorted accordingly.

[b]Forum Name:[/b]
[b]Forum Link:[/b] [url=*URL HERE*]Link[/url]
[b]Link to Administrative/Moderator Account:[/b]
[b]Forum Rating:[/b]
[b]Forum Category:[/b] (If you are unsure please PM Crystal to ask.)
[b]Forum Button:[/b] (Optional but good for entries into the Directory Spotlight competition.)
[b]Forum Blurb:[/b] (Optional as well but a short summary, also good to have for the Directory Spotlight competition.)
[b]Other Information:[/b]

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