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Aug 5 2015, 10:12 PM
[dohtml]<div class='tableborder'> <div class='maintitle'><center>Anything & Everything</ center></div>
<div class='tablepad'><center>For September our theme is anything and everything, meaning every single forum regardless of what type of forum it is, what theme it fits into, or what fandom it embraces should feel free to enter it and good luck!<br><br>
<b>This nomination period will close on August 22, 2015 at Midnight Central Mountain Time.</b><br><br>
To nominate a forum it must meet the following requirements:</b></center><br>

<ul><li>All forums nominated must be listed in the RPG-Resources Directory.</li>
<li>Forums only need one (1) nomination to be entered in the final poll.</li>
<li>Forums must have a small button and blurb submitted in their Directory Listing for the forum spotlight area in the sidebar.</li>
<li>To nominate a forum you have to have fifteen (15) posts, so that people are not just creating accounts to nominate their friends, and nominations without those fifteen (15) posts will be null.</li>
<center><b>All winners of the Directory Spotlight will receive the following.</b><br><br></center>
<ul><li>Each winner will be spotlighted in the special area on the sidebar for the duration of one month</li>
<li>Winners will be announced and have a winning thread placed in the Directory Spotlight Winners forum for future viewing.</li>
<li>Winners will receive a customized award image for their site, that they may display on their forum or in their skin to be officially recognized as a Directory Spotlight winner of RPG-Resources.</li>
<center>If you have any questions about this spotlight nomination theme, thread, or in general then please feel free to post them below or PM an Administrator and we will get them answered as quickly as possible for you.</center>
Aug 1 2015, 10:04 PM
For the last year I've become a quadcopter/drone enthusiast and hobbyist. Unfortunately, they're becoming more and more popular for all the wrong reasons: people flying them around airports, into buildings, over people's houses, on the white house lawn, into crowds of people... you get the idea.

My state is currently trying to ban drone/quadcopter use without a lot of "red tape" and I don't agree with it. People don't understand the drone/quad very well. It's a cool hobby to get into and I find flying them is very relaxing for 10-20 minutes a day. They aren't the embodiment of pure evil like the news would sometimes have you believe.

I know a lot about safety, programming, and maintenance with these now from experience. My quad is half-self built, I've attached some pictures. Ask me anything or if you have experience of your own with these, share it!
Aug 1 2015, 09:51 PM
How many have upgraded to windows 10? It's completely free to all users Windows 7 -> 8.1.

I have not upgraded and will not be for a few months because I cannot deal with it if I run into stability issues. However I have tried it out in a virtual machine and my first impression is that it looks quite polished.
Aug 1 2015, 07:08 PM
All of the previously stale challenges we left kind of hanging when Crystal and I started school she has cleared out this week. We will start posting new challenges over the next few days and possibly changing some of the challenge rules, if anyone has any questions please post them in this topic.
Oct 21 2014, 08:03 PM
Have a good one, thanks for all of your work over the years!
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